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130621 Choi Siwon: I miss Super Junior when traveling alone

  • Choi Siwon, member of K-pop kings Super Junior, has certainly been a busy bee (so busy, in fact, that he admitted he hasn’t even had time to look at his own closet). In the past three months alone, he’s been to a dozen different cities for a variety of activities, from concerts to fashion show appearances.
  • With such a packed and seemingly nonstop schedule that takes him around the globe, how does he keep in touch with his loved ones?
  • As the ambassador for LINE, it’s no surprise that the heartthrob uses the free instant messaging application to communicate with his friends and family. In an e-mail interview with xinmsn, Siwon shared that he first learned of LINE when one of his buddies showed him a cute “sticker”, a cartoon graphic used to depict emotions or moods in the chat app.
  • “I’m a huge fan of the LINE stickers,” he said, citing Brown, a chubby bear, as his favourite character. “In my recent TV commercial, Brown was my representing sticker, which is probably the reason I feel a special attachment to it.” He has also begun to develop a fondness towards James, a vain blonde-haired man. “Some of my friends have told me that he resembles me!” he laughed.
  • A self-proclaimed fervent user, Siwon proudly declared he has successfully “spread the LINE boom” among his Super Junior frat. “I always miss the members when I’m traveling alone,” he said. “Whenever we are apart, we stay in touch via LINE Messenger.”
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Wonkyu AU - Witness Protection 
Cho Kyuhyun had once been just an innocent bystander. 
Now he was the key witness to the trial of the decade and only a policeman
between him and the long line of people who wanted him dead.

From the moment his current mission was given to him, Siwon's immediate
was set. There was barely time to breathe. No room for distractions.
His one focus would be protection. His life would come second.

But one glimpse of a smile was all it took for his own life to become
intertwined with the one he was supposed to protect. And as he felt himself
become wrapped up and consumed by this forbidden love, he wondered if God
would grant him two lives to lay down for the one who saved his heart.

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state of grace: what does love mean?



Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.

You see, in the midst of this crazy journey called ‘life,’ we all go through these moments when all we want to do is give up. We get worn out, exhausted, and just beat up by the series of events that are meant to bring us down. Those…

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cr: Darfee扉_鬆餅人生 | Do not edit the photo or cut the logo. Do not use for commercial purposes.

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130621 SS5 HK - Siwon ft. kyuhyun

This is currently one of my favourite photo…is so well taken…I mean this photo main focus should be on siwon but somehow the background of the concert big screen of kyuhyun just blend in so well…it gives a really dreamy kind of effect…NICE PHOTO!!! ^^

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EXO’s interpretation of “王子病”/”Prince Syndrome” (Narcissism)

AKA Kyungsoo feigns confusion and proceeds to throw Suho under the bus.

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A Letter From Heaven


A Luhan fan passed away recently from leukemia, and her last wish was to give this letter to Luhan.

The letter reads: 

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day 33.

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cr: snowdrop

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and this is what happens when you troll hee dj

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